Neoline wide S61 su saulės atspindžių slopinimo filtru, Wi-Fi, Sony sensorius, matymo kampas 140°

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Tech specs

Registratorius su aukštos kokybės vaizdo įrašais, dėka galingo procesoriaus, WDR funkcijos bei saulės spindulių ir atspindžių slopinimo CPL filtro. 

  • Skiriamoji geba: Full НD 1920x1080 (30 k/sek.)
  • SONY sensorius
  • Peržiūros kampas: 140° 
  • Ekrano dydis: 1.5 colių
  • Integruotas superkondensatorius
  • Matinis СРL-filtras
  • Video įrašymo formatas: MOV (Н.264)
  • Integruotas mikrofonas/kolonėlė
  • WDR funkcija
  • Wi-Fi pajungimas prie išmanaus telefono
  • G-sensorius
  • Judesio daviklis
  • Ciklinis įrašymas: 1/2/3 min.
  • Nepertraukiamas įrašymas
  • Automatinis įjungimas
  • Datos/laiko žymė
  • Valstybinio numerio žymė
  • MicroSD 8GB - 128GB (Class 10)
  • Laikymo temperatūra -20 iki +70
  • Darbinė temperatūra -10 iki +60
  • Įtampa: DС 5V, 1.5А
  • Įkroviklio įtampa: DС 12-24V
  • Išmatavimai: 65 х 19 х 42 mm
  • Svoris: apie 58 g
  Neoline wide S61- tai kompaktiško dydžio vaizdo registratorius, sukurtas su Novatek procesoriumi ir Sony matrica - šie komponentai leidžia vaizdo registratoriui išgauti geros kokybės Full HD 1920 * 1080, 30 kadrų per sekundę vaizdo įrašą net ir prastomis sąlygomis. Platus 140° matymo  kampas leis lengvai įrašyti vaizdus visose kelio juostose, o CPL filtras apsaugos vaizdo įrašą nuo nepageidaujamų atspindžių.
Jūsų patogumui, šis vaizdo registratorius turi Wi-Fi sąsają, kurios dėka į savo išmanųjį telefoną parsisiuntę programėlę galėsite peržiūrėti ir tvarkyti vaizdo įrašus, keisti nustatymus ir pan.


NEOLINE Wide S61 is a little bigger than a matchbox, so it won’t attract attention, for example, in a parking lot.




The high quality and detailing of the video in the NEOLINE Wide S61 is provided by a powerful Novatek processor and a SONY sensor. This technical base allows the video recorder NEOLINE Wide S61 to shoot video with a resolution of Full HD 1920 * 1080 at 30 frames per second, receiving a high-quality, detailed picture.


Anti-glare CPL filter is mounted on top of the NEOLINE Wide S61 lens. It serves to reduce the amount of sun glare and reflections of the interior from the windshield on the video. Also, the anti-glare CPL filter greatly improves the image contrast.



Wide S61 is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, and the application is available for users on the App Store and Play Market. Thanks to this App you can save the necessary videos on your smartphone’s memory or upload it to the Internet in case of an emergency, and attach a memory card to the traffic police protocol. Also, the user can customize the DVR settings to their needs.


NEOLINE Wide S61 is equipped with a function of wide dynamic range WDR, providing a balanced image in color and light in difficult conditions: with backlighting and intensive changing lighting. This is especially important when entering and leaving the tunnel, in bright direct sunlight, etc. Thanks to the WDR function in the NEOLINE Wide S61 DVR, the video quality remains high even in the most difficult conditions.


Due to the wide viewing angle of 140 °, NEOLINE Wide S61 covers all 5 lanes of the roadway, without distorting the picture. The DVR will record really everything that happens on the road.





NEOLINE Wide S61 is equipped with a capacitor, not a standard battery. The capacitor is much more resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. Thanks to the capacitor, many typical problems of DVRs are solved: overheating, battery explosion hazard, loss of the “last” files.



In order to prevent the absence of a record, the NEOLINE Wide S61 provides a notification function for stopped recording. DVR gives a special sound signal.




The compact size of the NEOLINE Wide S61 allows you to use it almost unnoticed in the parking lot or at night in the yard to record extreme events. A built-in motion sensor activates recording when objects appear in front of the camera.



NEOLINE Wide S61 comes with a charger with 2 USB connectors, one of which can be used for recharging mobile devices, and 2 mounts: standard with a suction cup and 3M scotch tape.