Neoline X-COP 9000 hibridinis vaizdo registratorius su radarų detektoriumi.

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Tech specs

*Garantija 24mėn
*Lietuvos rinkai pritaikyta programinė versija. LT meniu, LT instrukcija, LT balsas.
*Nemokamas duombazės atnaujinimas (nemokama ir programa).
*Pardavimo metu mes atnaujiname į naujausią programinę versiją.
*Techniškai paruoštas naudojimui. Nustatyti filtrai ir jautrumai.
*GPS meistras suteikia nemokama programinį aptarnavimą viso grantinio metu.
*Galimybė susimokėti per 3 kartus, lygiomis dalimis be pabrangimo.
*Galimybė atsiskaityti kurjeriui pristatymo metu (susisiekite su mumis 8-37-208164)


  • 2 lizdai MicroSD kortelei (iki 32GB), 10 klasė
  • Galimybė sukinėti registratorių salone 360°
  • 2-x-colių IPS ekranas
  • GPS modulis, radijo modulis
  • Matymo kampas 135° (iki 5 eismo juostų)
  • Aptinka visus Policijos radarų tipus
  • Raiška: 1920x1080 (30 f / s), 1280x720 (30 f / s)
  • G-sensorius, judesio jutiklis
  • "Greitasis meniu" pagrindiniame ekrane, pagrindiniams parametrams ir funkcijoms
  • Parkavimo režimas
  • Matmenys: 94 x 73 x 46 mm


    Technical base of this hybrid steadily detects all available police speed control devices - from low powered to camera units.




    The menu hybrid X-COP 9000 implemented a convenient recording management system - now it is very easy to protect or move the desired record from one card to another.



    The most compact device among high-quality hybrids with simple and intuitive control.




    The optical system of 6 glass lenses, the most powerful to date processor Ambarella A7 and high-tech sensor EXMOR IMX 322 from Sony ensure perfect recording quality of night video




    Bright 2 "IPS screendisplays comprehensive information about the traffic situation, 4 control buttons are located on the sides of the screen.




    X-COP 9000 has parking mode that lets you record everything with the car engine turned off.



    High-definition video

    The camera optics of 6 glass lenses, Ambarella A7 processor - the most powerful processor for the moment, and high-tech EXMOR IMX 322 sensor from Sony provide a realistic, clear and high-detailed video. Besides, the EXMOR matrix from Sony implemented in the hybrid ensures smart mode of suppressing flecks and sunlight. Low noise and light correction system make the night video rather sharp.


    Two inch display embedded in the NEOLINE X-COP 9000 is equipped with an IPS matrix with a wide viewing angle, so a bright and sharp image on the screen is perfectly visible from any point of the vehicle and in any weather.




    GPS base of police speed control devices

    This device has an integrated GPS module responsible for detecting police radar points previously recorded in the GPS base. Like its predecessors, Neoline X-COP 9000 has an integrated radar database for Europe. In the EU countries where the use of radio modules is prohibited, all frequency bands must be switched off, only the GPS module remains active. Updated radar bases are available at every 2 weeks.


    Access to the NEOLINE X-COP 9000 quick menu is provided by pressing the side buttons, the menu contains most popular user features. Add GPS point to the device memory, select automatic or night mode, change detection mode, stop recording, switch the microphone on or turn the notification sound off - all these functions can be accessed right on the touchscreen with a single click.



    Videos are sorted in 3 folders: standard recording, emergency recording and parking mode..When G-sensor is triggered, recorded videos are automatically stored into the Emergency Recording folder and protected from being deleted. Furthermore, any file can be protected in the menu upon viewing videos.


    Backing up video files

    NEOLINE X-COP 9000 is equipped with two slots for MicroSD memory cards. The main stream is recorded on one memory card. The second card is used to copy necessary files in order to save them or attach to the traffic police protocol.



    Voice and sound alerts about police radar can be switched off in the middle of the signal by shortly pressing the POWER button. The volume is automatically switched on for the next detected radar.




    X-COP automatic mode

    X-COP mode is designed by Neoline specialists to adjust alert modes:

    • 1-40 km/h - only screen notification;
    • 41-70 km/h - City mode on (low sensitivity, less "false" signals);
    • more than 71 km/h - Highway mode on (higher sensitivity for police radars).



    This function is designed to set a minimum speed limit for Neoline X-COP 9000 radar detector to notify the driver of radars only with a message on the screen. When minimum speed limit is exceeded, sound and voice notifications are added. This feature lets the Neoline X-COP 9000 radar detector draw the driver’s attention only to significant police radar signals. This feature is not available in the X-COP mode.



    The unique Smart Click mounting system makes it easy to install and remove the device every day. NEOLINE X-COP 9000 is held firmly in the slots, it completely eliminates mechanical shaking while driving off-road or on a paved road.




    Neoline devices are constantly improved with new firmware released by the manufacturer/ These are installed via a MicroSD card. Latest firmware and GPS base are always available atn the website.




    Part reliability

    Neoline X-COP 9000 is a joint development of leading European and Korean experts in automotive electronics. Neoline X-COP 9000 is a perfect mix of Korean quality, reliability and functionality adapted to the needs of the European market.



    • Ambarella A7 procesorius
    • Integruota "Easy Touch" sąsaja
    • SONY "Exmor IMX 322 Matrix, 6 stiklo lęšiai
    • Video failų ilgis: 1/2/3/5 minučių, MP4 formatas
    • Apsauga nuo aptikimo VG-2
    • Aptikimo diapazonas iki 2 km
    • Įtampa: 12-24V
    • Baterija: 220 mA • h
    • Darbinė temperatūra: nuo -20 ° iki 70 °
    • Tam tikrų failų apsauga nuo ištrynimo
    • "Ergonomic" , "Smart Click" montavimas salone
    • Įrašymas / ištrynimas policijos radarų koordinačių
    • Automatinis ekrano išjungimas
    • Nutildymo funkcija dėl policijos radarų pranešimų
    • WDR funkcija
    • Ekranas su spidometru
    • Įrašymo ciklas, data, laikas, greitis, valst. numeris